25 Super Cute Medium Haircuts

25 Super Cute Medium Haircuts

Medium length hair can seem limiting, but in reality it allows you more options than any other length! Depending on the haircut you choose, you can achieve a number of different looks – anything from flirty to bold to romantic. Read on to check out 25 of our favorite medium haircuts.

1. Wavy Blond Haircut

Wavy Blond Haircut

Make a statement with this platinum blond haircut that falls just above the shoulders when curled. The side swept look gives it a glamorous, chic sort of vibe.

2. Medium Haircut With Bangs

Medium Haircut With Bangs

If straight hairstyles are more your thing, give this beautiful long bob a try. The blunt cut bangs give it a super unique feel, while the gently curled ends keep it refined.

3. Wavy Ombre Haircut

Wavy Ombre Haircut

Like the first style, this one is wavy – but these waves are much more relaxed and casual looking. And the ombre hair color really shows off the curls. The long, side swept bangs add an extra bit of texture to this medium length cut.

4. Medium Straight Haircut

Medium Straight Haircut

For a super professional look, go for this ultra-refined straight haircut that hits just below the shoulder. The ends are curled under just slightly, and there is very little layering and no angling.

5. Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves

This choppy cut is perfect for anyone looking for a medium length style that’s low maintenance. The cut is blunt, and the quick and easy waves are styled with your fingers.

6. Curly With Bangs

Curly With Bangs

Girls with curly hair can rock bangs too! This haircut creates a rounded, soft look that will frame the face and create a warm look. The bangs are not cut bluntly, further adding to the soft style.

7. Layered Medium Cut

Layered Medium Cut

This layered look has the ability to give fine hair some serious volume, and it will frame your face perfectly. The front of the hair is angled a bit to further boost the volume.

8. Flirty Waves

Flirty Waves

Cut piecey layers into your hair to achieve this flirty look with loose curls. The relaxed vibe lends a surfer girl feel, further accentuated by her pretty highlighted brown hair color.

9. Super Layers

Super Layers

This look involves a number of different elements – the cut has a ton of layers, giving the top of the hair lots of volume and the bottom a more sleek look. Highlights and lowlights also add to the extreme contrast of this unique medium length style. 

10. High Low Style

High Low Style

This haircut has a fun high low effect, with the back of the hair ending up shorter than the front. Long layers all the way around give it some serious oomph. And one of the great benefits of this style is that if you put your hair up in a ponytail, you won’t have shorter pieces falling out. Check out more styles here.

11. Thick Curls

Thick Curls

This super curly style is perfect for anyone with waves, and can be achieved by cutting long layers into hair when straightened and then washing it and blow drying it with a diffuser and styling creme.

12. Thick Retro Bangs

Thick Retro Bangs

Cut some retro fringe into your tresses if you have thick hair and a love for old school style. The key here is to have your stylist cut the bangs so they run from the top of your head all the way down over your eyebrows.

13. Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers, Layers, Layers

This hairstyle is not for the faint of heart – the layers are cut into the hair starting above the ears, and are so extreme that the bottom layer of hair that remains is quite thin.

14. Romantic Curls

Romantic Curls

If romantic waves are more your thing, you might consider giving this style a try. The cut is quite basic, with only a few long layers. The key is to pull the top half of the hair back and leave some wisps free around your face.

15. Short Bangs

Short Bangs

Go for a slightly alternative look with these super short bangs. They should be chopped off a good inch above the eyebrows for maximum effect.

16. Vintage Waves

Vintage Waves

This unique style has a decidedly vintage feel, similar to hairstyles that were popular back in the 1950’s. The majority of the hair is cut to a uniform length, while long side swept bangs serve to frame your face.

17. Sleek and Straight

Sleek and Straight

Heidi Klum shows that sleek and straight with bangs is a super trendy look. The key here is to have your stylist cut lots of layers into your hair, and to trim bangs with a fringe sort of style.

18. Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical Cut

If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary style, this asymmetrical one might be worth considering. One side is shorter than the other, while the side swept bangs flow down into a longer section on the other side.

19. Flipped Out Haircut

Flipped Out Haircut

This pretty look is achieved by cutting long layers in the hair all the way around, and then curling the hair outward at the bottom. The top layers are curled inward, creating a flattering, voluminous look.

20. Soft Waves

Soft Waves

Here we have a medium length style with pronounced soft waves. The hair is cut a couple of inches below the shoulder, with no layering but some angling around the face.

21. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

This lovely haircut has a super sleek look with soft side swept bangs. The longer length is flattering with its gently turned-under ends, while the bangs lend a stylish vibe to the look.

22. Textured Cut

Textured Cut

This style is all about the texture. Layers upon layers are cut into the hair, in addition to long bangs – while blond highlights and brown lowlights accentuate those bold textures.

23. Blunt Shoulder Length Cut

Blunt Shoulder Length Cut

This is another unique hairstyle that would be perfect for anybody looking for a bold statement style. The key to this one is to cut the hair bluntly around the bottom, and to style it by combing the sides back into a voluminous hump on the top.

24. Chunky Waves

Chunky Waves

This style is unusual in that the back is shorter than the front. This in combination with the long, blunt-cut bangs makes for an interesting look. And the waves add some serious texture.

25. Blunt Long Bob

Blunt Long Bob

Actress Krysten Ritter shows off this stylish haircut, a medium length cut with short bangs and curled-under ends. Long layers are the key to getting straight hair to achieve this bouncy look. And don’t forget to tousle it a bit!


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