Healthy Glow 5-Minute Turmeric Scrub

Healthy Glow 5-Minute Turmeric Scrub

With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, this turmeric sugar scrub is a great treatment to exfoliate while creating a lovely, natural glow!

For days and days and days I’ve been excitedly saying that proper fall weather was coming to my little patch of South Texas and, initially, it was not believed. “Do you have anything warm to wear on Tuesday?” I asked to be brushed off that there were plenty of long-sleeve button-ups in the closet. I wasn’t offended and I didn’t take it personally because it seems like we’re just as likely to see a polar bear walking down the street as we are to have any temperatures below 60 degrees.

Yesterday started off like any normal “fall” South Texas day where around noon-ish we reached 93 degrees. And as I reminded that it would be a cold day, that cold front would move in just a bit, I was brushed off yet again. But then the skies started to darken and when I opened the front door around 3 to take in a delivery a whoosh of cold air smacked me in the face and gave me the biggest smile. The delivery lady surely thought I was a goon and told me “get back in the house! I’ll bring your stuff in for you!” because for South Texas, drizzling in the high 60s is freaking cold and she was being really sweet 🙂

But I ran out in my sweatpants (yay!) and a long sleeve tee and then winced when Ollie boomed out a humongous bark I was afraid would scare our kind delivery lady and she said again “get yourself back in that house!” having no clue that the weather itself made me extremely happy. As soon as she left and my delivery was taken care of I rummaged in the garage for my window screens and gave the house a good, chilly airing out. And it was amazing.

And today, as I sit here in my toasty warm office looking out the windows at a gray, cloudy sky and occasionally checking the temperature (currently 53 degrees!) I’m pleased as fall punch because today I feel a little less homesick than usual. And with it feeling actually like fall here, I’m super stoked to be sharing with you a very fall themed sugar scrub recipe. I’m not sure what it is, but, to me, turmeric is one of those spices that make me think “Autumn” like cinnamon and nutmeg make this a great DIY scrub for the fall season.

But not only is this turmeric sugar scrub seasonally themed, but it’s also really good for your skin. The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends turmeric as a natural treatment for psoriasis when taken orally.  With a patch on each elbow, I figure it can’t hurt to apply turmeric to my patches of itch liberally for a homemade treatment of my psoriasis. Furthermore, also says that in-home treatment for psoriasis, “healing essential oils are lavender, tea tree, neem and geranium” are shown to be very beneficial.

What I’ve found in general is that anything good for my psoriasis seems to also be gangbusters for my dry skin. And so today, and without further ado let’s bust out a quick as all get-out beauty recipe that is perfect for our current fall weather!

Set aside 15 minutes and let’s make some fabulously fall Turmeric Sugar Scrub perfect for soothing troubled skin and giving you a gorgeously healthy glow, too.

For this sugar scrub recipe you will need:

  • 1/2 c. white sugar
  • 1/2 c. brown sugar
  • 1/4 c. sweet almond oil (or your favorite)
  • 2 T. turmeric powder
  • 10-15 drops lavender, tea tree, neem or geranium essential oil

Add all ingredients to a small bowl and mix well to fully incorporate. Transfer to an airtight container and use within one month.

And if you’re wondering how easy this is to use, it’s super easy. Rub your turmeric scrub onto wet skin for gentle exfoliating and rinse with warm water. Follow up with your fave moisturizer to lock in that moisture and healthy glow. The anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric will soothe skin at the same time.


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