The Mental/Health Benefits Of Yoga

The Mental/Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has always been touted for its physical benefits. It’s no secret that yoga has plenty of tangible benefits from better flexibility to increased cardiovascular health. 9jadiy says yoga helps them with their weight loss routine. However, aside from physical benefits, there’s one more part of your body that yoga can benefit: the mind.

Yes, performing different yoga positions isn’t just stretching and working on your various muscle groups, but it helps you relieve stress as well—the mental benefits of yoga range from the young to the old. You can be a teenager going through the everyday stress of school or an older adult who wants to improve your mental well-being.

Yoga And Stress Reduction

Everyone experiences stress at one point or another in life. However, while some only experience short-term stress, others experience chronic stress that can cause health, personal, and professional issues. Over time, experiencing chronic stress can lead to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, or other mental health issues like depression. Stress can also put a strain on your friends or family. It can also have an effect on your workplace relationships or productivity. Yoga combines deep breathing and exercise to lower blood pressure, better regulate cortisol levels in the body, and calm the sympathetic nervous system. Your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for preparing our body for stressful situations, even when we’re not in any physical danger. Yoga calms the sympathetic nervous system by regulating our parasympathetic nervous system. This system slows our heart rate and brings our body back into balance.

Yoga And Depression

When you suffer from depression, you experience a range of symptoms from a lack of energy to trouble concentrating. Depression and brain fog often go hand-in-hand. Brain fog doesn’t just affect your ability to focus, but it causes difficulty recounting memory too. When depression and brain fog go hand-in-hand, it could affect your ability to make clear decisions and slow your reaction time. Depending on your situation (i.e., if you’re driving), it could be potentially dangerous. When you’re doing yoga, you’re producing endorphins for your brain, which is not just an effective pain reliever, but it can also improve your mood. Yoga also helps clear your mind. That means it can help clear the fog away and bring clarity back to your mind.

Yoga And Improved Cognitive Function

While stress reduction and depression are some of the apparent mental benefits of yoga and exercise, did you know you could improve your overall cognitive function too? Yes, studies have been done to show yoga improves levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain. While GABA can improve anxiety, stress, and depression, higher GABA levels are associated with intelligence. That means you’re making your brain more efficient when performing yoga. Cognitive improvement is not only an improvement in intelligence, but you’ll notice an increase in your memory and energy as well. 

While you’re enjoying the many physical benefits of yoga, you’re also doing your brain a big favour. You’re essentially producing more happy chemicals for your brain, regulating the cortisol levels in your body, and increasing your brain’s overall power.

Try practicing yoga for 30 minutes 3x this week and watch your mental clarity and focus improve and Grow Your Powerful Mind.  All you need to get started is this super comfy yoga mat. Buy yours now and get started on a life changing journey of personal development.

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